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Chadron State College Percussion Studio

Audition Information

An audition is not required for entry into the program but is strongly encouraged.  An audition is required to be considered for a scholarship.  The audition helps us to assess your current skills and develop a tailored curriculum especially for you.

Suggested audition repertoire includes published music from method books, etude books, or solos.  Percussion auditions should include a prepared piece for snare drum at a minimum, and also a short piece or excerpt on xylophone or marimba, and/or drum set.  A prepared piece on timpani would be ideal if possible.


A guideline for appropriate repertoire could include the following:

Snare Drum:


            Garwood Whaley - Musical Studies for the Intermediate Snare Drummer

            Anthony Cirone – Portraits in Rhythm
           Mitchell Peters – Advanced Snare Drum Studies

            Vic Firth - Advanced Snare Drum Etudes
           Wilcoxon – The All-American Drummer 150 solos


            Mitchel Peters – Yellow After the Rain
           Alice Gomez – Raindance and Mbira Song
           Ney Rosauro – 3 Preludes
           Musser etudes




            Etudes from The Modern School by Morris Goldenberg

            Orchestral excerpts

                        The Golden Age Polka, Shostakovich

                         Firebird, Stravinsky

                         Colas Bruegnon, Kabalevski

                         Porgy and Bess, Gershwin


            Orchestral excerpts
           Study from Saul Goodman – Modern Method for Timpani
           Study from Friese –Lepak – Timpani Method



           Demonstrate scales on keyboard using the following pattern in the major keys of C, G, D, A, F, Bb, Eb.

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